Classroom Care Teams & Tutoring Ministry

OKCPS Superintendent Robert Neu stated that our city's statistics show that our minority children are "dying on the vine" as they disproportionately lack the same opportunities to build a foundation from which to thrive academically.  Academic studies show that minority students who are not able to read by 3rd grade are 8x more likely to drop out of high school.  We believe that it is our job as the body of Christ to enter in and be a part of changing that cycle by helping kids experience the tangible love of Christ through opportunities to read, play, engage with safe tutors and homework helpers in their community everyday.  


About Our Youth And Tutoring Ministries

Our primary goal is to build relationships with children in our community and be part of the expression of the tangible love of Christ in their lives.  During the academic year, we recruit and train adults to be a part of "Classroom Care Teams."  These are teams of 6 adults that work together to serve in one classroom with one teacher for the entire academic year.  We believe that every child benefits from getting to work one-on-one, receive help with their homework, or just enjoy space to build new and sarelationships.  

We believe that a good academic foundation is something that children in our society need to be able to function well in our culture. For a variety of reasons, many of the children we help are not able to receive that foundation at school or home.  Our goal is to come alongside and serve our crowded classrooms and under-supported teachers so that we can all work together to make our schools a place where children, educators and the community thrive.    

So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone that is a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed.” -Isaiah 28:16

Vision Statement

  • We envision academically at-risk children and youth from our community serving more productively in our culture, in part, because they’ve received academic assistance and have come to know the love of God through caring, mutually beneficial relationships of love and grace. 

Mission Statement

  • As a Christ-centered academic assistance program, we seek to lead a team of diverse volunteers to support and tutor at-risk children and youth and serve our educators and schools.  

How to Help

We need volunteers for this fall, spring and next summer.  Volunteers can serve in a variety of roles:

  • Serve as part of a CLASSROOM CARE TEAM  -- Join a team and make a commitment to serve your classroom, approximately 1-2 hours per month.    
  • Summer Kids Camp -- A daytime tutoring ministry for a small group of students that we've worked with all year!      
  • SPONSOR a child for the year -- $500/school year [school and tutoring supplies, healthy snack, space, part-time tutoring coordinator to organize.]


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A Creative Spin on Cleaning --  

Two Roosters Cleaning Company grew out of relationships built over many months of living in, loving, and serving the NE OKC community.  As we developed friendships rooted in the love of Christ we began to ask Him to help us actually be agents of the Kingdom of God in a community marked by extremely high percentage of single-parent households, median incomes of under $15,000 [with an average of 3 jobs worked to hit that total], and a high percentage of females marked with felony histories due to our state having the HIGHEST FEMALE INCARCERATION RATE IN THE NATION.  

As we prayed and met together with women from our community, the Lord began to birth in us a vision for a job-training program that allowed for us to walk alongside women whose life factors made living-wage employment difficult.  Our heart was to see Christ use us to help see women set free to be the mothers that they longed to be through salaried-income employment that allowed them be with their children on the evenings and weekends, begin to dream in community about their future, and learn valuable life skills.  

The image of Two Roosters in the ancient Christian church symbolized "fighting the good fight of faith in community."  We loved that image as we truly wanted our vision to include our clients and cleaners joining forces together to ask the Lord with us to help us learn to serve one another, build friendships across traditional barriers and seek to see Him use all of us to "fight the good fight of faith" to see Him set the oppressed free, end the cycle of injustice, poverty and blindness and help to lead us all together into a reconciled and beautiful opportunity to love each other well and flourish together in community.  

That was the start of Two Roosters Cleaning Company.  We are excited to share it with you! 




826 NW 13th, OKC 73106




For a mother and child living in the cycle of poverty the path out is obscured by numerous obstacles, the road to adequate resources are cluttered and when she does transcend welfare all of the help and support she previously received rapidly disappears. Studies have shown that a mother exiting welfare has the same disposable income as she did while on welfare and no support or case management.

At RestoreOKC, we believe that we are created by God to flourish and bring beauty into our world.  As we are forming various ministry "arms", it is our prayer that they work in conjunction with one another to walk in community with friends who are in these positions.  We are asking the Lord to use each ministry to help break the cycle and help families to flourish by creating a cycle of opportunity instead of poverty.  Two Roosters Cleaning Company serves women with a salaried income and support to learn valuable job skills while stabilizing in life, community, stable housing alongside, and partnership resources that are offered by our other ministries.