At RestoreOKC, we are a people who have been changed by the love of Christ.  While we are made up of folks with various theological differences and different denominational backgrounds, love is our common denominator and the heart of all that we do as we enter into our community to share it in word and deed.  

We believe that Scripture constantly, consistently, and contextually shows us that while God absolutely loves all of His children, He is especially concerned with the poor, the outcast, the fatherless, the widow, and the sojourner.   

As we build relationships, listen, and seek to love our neighbors well we have formed and are forming various ministries underneath the umbrella of RestoreOKC.  It is our prayer that each of these ministries would work in conjunction with one another to help us transform the "cycle of poverty" into a "cycle of hope" and provide practical opportunities for us to build relationships of reconciliation so that we can build His Kingdom together!  We hope you'll come and build with us!