building relationships of reconciliation for restorative justice:

educate. employ. empower.


ministries OF RESTOREOKC

we are a faith-based community development ministry operating in east Oklahoma city.  ministries are created under the umbrella of restoreokc as we listen to the needs of the community and dream together about how we might engage and respond. 

we believe that the Church has the resources, creativity and calling to engage.  we believe that this work forges us into the multi-ethnic family that we were created to be.  We believe that when we leverage the resources we have been gifted, we can see the cycles of injustice and oppression broken and flourishing abound in our communities.  


Building hope-filled pathways out of poverty through job training

TWO ROOSTERS CLeaning company



Two Roosters Cleaning Company grew out friendships with mothers who longed to see the correlation between single-parent households and kids not reading at grade-level broken. With such a high percentage of single-parent households, median incomes of under $15,000 [with an average of 3 jobs worked], and few economic opportunities-- the odds for women and their children to break the cycle of poverty in our community weren’t prolific.

As we prayed and met together with women from our community, the Lord began to birth a vision for a job-training program that allowed for us to walk alongside women whose life factors made living-wage employment difficult.  We wanted to see mothers have access to salaried-income employment that allowed them be with their children on the evenings and weekends, begin to dream in community about their future while learning valuable life skills.  

The image of Two Roosters in the ancient Christian church symbolized "fighting the good fight of faith in community."  We loved that image as we truly wanted our vision to include our clients and team joining forces together to ask the Lord with us to help us learn to serve one another, build friendships across traditional barriers and seek to see Him use all of us to "fight the good fight of faith" to see Him end the cycle of injustice and help to lead us all together into a more deeply reconciled and beautiful community.  


benefits to our employees

  • Chalmers Center for Economic Development Curriculum used to provide each employee with a biblically based job-readiness foundation.

  • Women work for Two Roosters for up to 36-months at a living wage salary.

  • Because income is dependable for the first-time, women learn to budget and save so that they can pursue their long-term goals and prepare for emergencies.

  • Life goals and historic roadblocks are evaluated with “allies” that help employees figure out next steps & how to pursue their long-term dreams with the support of community.

  • High-interest debt is consolidated and paid via a 1% interest loan provided in partnership with Catholic Charities so that women "graduate," debt-free.

benefits to our clients

  • Because we are job-training ministry, up to 50% of what you'd ordinarily pay for a housecleaning service is a "tax-deductible donation."

  • You get a clean home and get to build a new relationship with an incredible team of servant-hearted women who want to serve, pray, and love on you!

  • You get to be part of an incredible adventure to helping women break the multi-generational cycle of poverty for themselves and their children!


SChool and student support in our community’s schools




OKCPS Superintendent Robert Neu stated that our city's statistics show that our minority children are "dying on the vine" as they disproportionately lack the same opportunities to build a foundation from which to thrive academically.  Academic studies show that minority students who are not able to read by 3rd grade are 8x more likely to drop out of high school.  We believe that it is our job as the body of Christ to enter in and be a part of changing that cycle.  By surrounding our community school with support, we are able to come alongside and serve our crowded classrooms and under-supported teachers so that we can all work together to make our schools a place where children, educators and the community thrive. 



  • Classroom Care Teams are teams of 6 adults who adopt a classroom all year long, serving it two-hours per week, every week.
  • Uniform Closet and Laundry Facilities to wash uniforms for students.
  • School Supply Closet and Full Set of Classroom Supplies.  
  • Teaching Interactive Science Every Friday in partnership with The Academy.
  • Hosting Weekly Assembly and Special Events.
  • Coaching Athletics with Police Athletic League. 
  • Providing Backpacks of Food home over weekends through the Regional Food Bank for kids whose homes qualify as "food insecure."
  • Providing healthy snacks 2x weekly through a partnership with KEHE distributors and Buy For Less/Uptown Grocers.  
  • Classroom Gardens for Food & Interactive Learning
  • Summer Kids Camp [Tutoring program for kids with low literacy levels.]
  • Created and host a PTA, facilitating more parent involvement on a schedule that works better for single, working parents.  
  • After-School Programming
  • Embedded Mental Health Agency to provide children counseling access. 

affordable housing and home repair 




The Workday exists to engage and equip neighbors to show neighborly love through deeds of justice and mercy primarily on Oklahoma City's Eastside. We do this both because the need is great and because poverty and oppression can be found most anywhere.  It is our hope that as volunteers serve with us they will be empowered to replicate the same thing in their own communities.  We LOVE to host teams, so if your group is looking for a way to serve for a morning, weekend, or week-long summer team we would love to talk about hosting your group!  

“You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land” (Deuteronomy 15:11).


What can i expect to do on a workday:

  • mow a widow’s lawn

  • scrape and paint a widow's home

  • work in a community garden

  • deliver furniture to a single-mother or widow

  • helping a widow or single mom with basic home repairs that she cannot afford

  • visiting residents of a city nursing home

  • building or repairing wheelchair ramps

  • visiting our friends with flowers and donuts and praying together with them


growing food & employment opportunities through gardens and greenhouses  

freedom farms



Freedom Farms and Greenhouses is an economic development arm of RestoreOKC, Inc. working alongside urban youth to create jobs and mentoring opportunities that leverage the resources of the community and the members to bless, serve and create more opportunity for the community.

We aim to do this by: 

1.  Beginning at the elementary level teaching Pre-K through 6th grade students the basic fundamentals of growing and develop an early relationship with students around maintaining their classroom garden bed [donated by RestoreOKC directly to the elementary schools in partnership with this project.]

2.  Developing business and entrepreneurial skills as students graduate into mid-high school.  Through partnerships with the schools, we will teach leadership, earth science and business during the school day as an "elective" for Freedom Farms employees.  

3.  Youth employees will get paid a living-wage salary to work after-school and during the summer maintaining the gardens and delivering produce to those in need within the community and selling off the remainder for "profit" for the farm.  

4.  Graduates of our program will have opportunities through Langston University or Oklahoma State University's Ag-Extension and OKC campus to go on scholarship for high-education opportunities in related fields.     


    Our intentions:

    • to love our neighbor well by mentoring urban youth in basic skills such as: how to work, basic business and entrepreneurial skills, working as an act of worship, stewarding the earth, caring for and investing in the next generation of their community, etc. 
    • Provide economic development that builds on resources that already exist within the community
    • to grow food organically in order to provide food within our food-scarce community;
    • to engage and empower the community and foster improvement efforts;
    • to provide a place of beauty, rest, plenty and a safe place for members of the community who are easily taken advantage of to experience justice and mercy and safe community.