Food Drive(s) Change

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Why Here?

Our community experiences health disparities that are dismal when compared with the rest of our city. We see up to 18 years shorter life-expectancy for residents of our zip code mostly due to chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, respiratory disease.) Having faced a long history of oppression, including racially motivated red-lining where more than 60% of our youth live in “food scarce homes,” we wanted to work in and with our community to cultivate change.

What’s Our Answer:

Community centered around fellowship and FOOD! What started out as a tiny garden on school property has grown into a fully functioning farm that will employ our youth and community members making them the stakeholders in creating sustainable food & a flourishing future! Freedom Farms @ RestoreOKC is a space where we grow both food and hope for a better tomorrow. In the heart of our Northeast Oklahoma City we sit on 5-acres zoned Oklahoma City’s first Urban Farm where we’re determined to grow the best-tasting, healthiest produce in the city while inspiring hope and relationships of reconciliation in everyone around us. We will soon house free-range chickens, goats, rabbits and bees that provide an abundance of fresh eggs, milk and honey.

So, what are you waiting for…