A Creative Spin on Cleaning 

Two Roosters is a ministry arm of RestoreOKC that walks alongside low-income single-parent families, helping them break harmful cycles through employment.  It begins with a 20-week, Biblically-based, intensive job & life skills training from the Chalmers Center for Economic Development.  With supportive transitional housing, ally support teams, family advocacy, youth employment & educational opportunities for their children we hope to see women create a new cycle of hope for themselves and the next generation.  

how it works

We are a non-profit job-training cleaning ministry. This means you pay for a service that you would pay for anyway, but receive a tax write-off in the process. Since these women are not trained as professional cleaners, we are able to charge a fee for the service rendered that takes that into account. Half of your cleaning payment is the "fee for service rendered" and the other half of your payment is a "donation" that you get to write off as a tax-deductible gift. Contact us and we would be happy to explain further! 


Residential and commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas

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Monthly Clean

This is a general cleaning that works really well for people who need an extra set of hands in the house every so often. While this is not a full deep clean, it does include all of the basics with some focused attention on typical "trouble areas" - kitchens, baths, floors, dusting.

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Bi-weekly clean

This is a general cleaning that works really well for people who like to keep on top of the grime. We clean your home twice a month and make sure it never "gets behind". Your first clean will be a deep clean, then with two cleanings a month, your home will not fall behind on all the basic fronts.


deep clean

Our deep clean goes beyond our typical clean. This is a popular quarterly option for many customers. A deep clean can be arranged around your schedule and preferences. It includes all the basics plus the extra hand cleaning of all: ceiling fans, baseboards, blinds, inside of appliances, etc.

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This is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service that can be arranged with our commercial clients to ensure that your office, medical clinic, place of worship or store stays in tip-top condition. It is a joy for us to partner with you to make sure that you and your employees are ready to be productive upon entering your space!

We are proud to provide a “green clean!” By using Norwex & Method products. we are able to sanitize & deep clean without excess chemicals!
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If you would prefer that we use your chemicals just tell us at your estimate and we are happy to accommodate!



We charge a competitive rate based on square footage and options, and offer a free on site estimate before any agreement is made.

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