A Creative Spin on Cleaning 

Two Roosters Cleaning Company grew out of relationships built while living in, loving on and serving with the NE OKC community. As we developed friendships and listened, we heard and saw the impossible circumstances that affect a huge part of our community. With an extremely high percentage of single-parent households; median incomes of under $15,000 (working an average of 3 jobs); and a high percentage of females with felony histories due to our state having the highest female incarceration rate in the nation; the odds for women and their children to break the generational cycle of poverty seemed slim at best.

As we prayed together with women from our community, the Lord began to spark a vision for a job-training program that allowed us to walk alongside women whose life factors made living-wage employment difficult. Our heart is to see Christ set women free to be the mothers that they long to be through salaried-income employment that will allow them to be with their children on the evenings and weekends, begin to dream in community about their future, and learn valuable life skills. 

The image of Two Roosters in the ancient Christian church symbolized "fighting the good fight of faith in community." We love that image as we truly want our vision to include our clients and cleaners joining forces to ask the Lord to help us learn to serve one another, build friendships across traditional barriers and seek to see Him use all of us to "fight the good fight of faith": to see Him set the oppressed free, end the cycle of injustice, poverty and blindness and help to lead us all together into a reconciled and beautiful opportunity to love each other well and flourish together in community.

That was the start of Two Roosters Cleaning Company. We are excited to share it with you!

how it works

We are a non-profit job-training cleaning ministry. This means you pay for a service that you would pay for anyway, but receive a tax write-off in the process. Since these women are not trained as professional cleaners, we are able to charge a fee for the service rendered that takes that into account. Half of your cleaning payment is the "fee for service rendered" and the other half of your payment is a "donation" that you get to write off as a tax-deductible gift. Contact us and we would be happy to explain further! 


Residential and commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas

Monthly residential

This is a general cleaning that works really well for people who need an extra set of hands in the house every so often. While this is not a full deep clean, it does include all of the basics and focused attention on typical "trouble areas" - kitchens, baths, floors, dusting. 

bi-monthly residential (our most popular)

This is a general cleaning that works really well for people who like to keep on top of the grime. We clean your home twice a month and make sure it never "gets behind". Your first clean will be a deep clean, then with two cleanings a month, your home will not fall behind on all the basic fronts.

deep clean

Our deep clean goes beyond our typical clean. This is a popular quarterly option for many customers. A deep clean can be arranged around your schedule and preferences. It includes all the basics plus: ceiling fans, baseboards, blinds, appliances, etc. 


This is a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service that can be arranged with our commercial clients to ensure that your workplace, place of worship or store stays in tip-top condition. It is a joy for us to partner with you to make sure that you and your employees are ready to be productive upon entering your space - peaceful and clean!

We are proud to use Norwex products and as many green supplies as we can. We do leave the "big hitters" (Clorox, Tilex, and bleach) in our lineup for common trouble areas like bathrooms where you might just want that extra effort. However, if you are looking for completely "green clean" or would prefer that we use your chemicals just tell us at your estimate and we would be happy to do just that! 



We charge a competitive rate based on square footage and options, and offer a free in-home estimate before any agreement is made.

contact us

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