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The primary objectives of Freedom Farms and Greenhouse, LLC are to cultivate and harvest high quality, organic products which will:

  • Provide an economically sustainable job-training and mentoring ministry with youth from the community.

    • This will be done in partnership with our two elementary school partners and Northeast Academy [Mid-High School], Langston University, Oklahoma State University’s Ag-Extension & the FACT Department of the Oklahoma City Police Department. The primary job-training and economic development arm will be the Freedom Farms & Greenhouse project and all the numbers are based on income generated from the greenhouses directly.

  • Allow space for additional, affiliated economic development and employment opportunities:

    • Landscape Company — Youth Employed Mowing, Landscaping with our Plants, Raking, Etc.

    • Floral Arranging — We will supply cut flowers and through a partnership with OSU-OKC, we can use their floral labs to do flowers for weddings, events, etc.

  • Be able to be given away charitably to those in need in the community to help the food shortage in our food desert community.

  • Serve as a haven of rest and a community gathering place where relationships can grow and flourish too.

  • Provide educational space for students at partnered schools.

  • Be marketed and sold competitively through various local avenues to generate revenue to cover costs and produce income to be reinvested into the community.

  • Be provided as incentive for volunteers coming and working alongside the community, building relationships with the poor.

Financial resources from sales of these products will be allocated to: 

  • Financially sustain the operations of Freedom Farms and Greenhouse.

  • Outreach & Community Development.

Work in a unified manner with those who find our resources helpful in accomplishing the task of bringing wholeness to those in need.

  • Community Strengthening

Freedom Farms is committed to leadership identification, discipleship, development, and training.

Freedom Farms will facilitate team-building and organization for the sake of the garden and the community at large.

  • Freedom Farms will strive to teach people how to reliably grow food in their own environments beginning at Pre-K through elementary partnerships.

Freedom Farms seeks to enhance the education programs of our public school systems by using the garden to teach in a multidisciplinary and interconnected fashion.

Freedom Farms partnerships with Langston University will allow for youth who graduate from our program to go on to higher-education.  

Mission Summary of Freedom Farms

 It is our intention:

  • to love our neighbor well through service and education (teaching God’s heart for work, working as an act of worship, stewarding the earth, caring for and investing in the next generation of the community, basic business and entrepreneurial skills) our next generation of youth in a nearly 90% single-parent household community;

  • to grow food organically in order to provide food within our food-scarce community;

  • to engage and empower the community and foster improvement efforts;

  • to provide a place of beauty, rest, plenty and a safe place for members of the community who are easily taken advantage of to experience justice and mercy and safe community.