growing food. growing jobs. growing friendship


freedom farms began as way to engage alongside students to help them use the assets that already existed within our community to end our “food desert.” we began with school gardens, graduated to community gardening & now are putting up an aquaponic greenhouse to serve as a wholesale production facility that allows youth an employment opportunity in partnership with Langston university!



Elementary gardens

One 4x4 square foot garden bed per classroom allows students at our partner elementary schools the opportunity to engage science, grow food, & try new fruits & vegetables! Several hundred pounds of produce went home with students from the school gardens in 2018-19 & we hope to double the impact next year!


community garden

One large community garden allows us to grow food together with our neighbors that goes home with our community! We are growing food together, sharing it together, and enjoying the time learning together about all the tips, tricks, & techniques that our expert partners like Langston University Department of Agriculture bring to the table!



Our greenhouses are going to run off a state of the art aquaponics system which will be the “powerhouse” behind our production. Aquaponic technology allows us to grow more than 80x the produce in the same square footage. This food will be marketed and sold to fund the business as well as generate income that gets reinvested into the community.

Mission Summary of Freedom Farms

 It is our intention:

  • to love our neighbor well through service and education (teaching God’s heart for work, working as an act of worship, stewarding the earth, caring for and investing in the next generation of the community, basic business and entrepreneurial skills) in order to equip our next generation of youth to serve their communities.

  • to grow food organically in order to provide food within our food-desert community;

  • to provide a place of beauty, rest, plenty and a safe place for members of our community to experience joy, justice, generosity, and friendship.