Sharing Stories.

There are countless faces and stories that have deeply impacted us and taught us more than we can possibly express about what the Kingdom of God looks like as it comes into this broken world to bring healing and mercy and justice.  I confess, we were overwhelmed as we sat down to attempt to highlight just a few that have meant so much to us.  We have selected some of our favorite moments and lessons that the Lord has taught us through them in hopes that they might illustrate not only what life has looked like for us here, but also what we are confident that He wants do in our midst in Oklahoma City.  We pray that they would minister to you all as they have us -- we also pray that they are an encouragement and never a source of guilt.  It is Him to causes us both to want and to work toward what pleases Him -- may He cause us all together to want and seek His Kingdom first with all of our hearts, lives, and resources. 


Caylee DodsonComment